Who is SLOTAB?

The SLOHS Tiger Athletic Booster Club is non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization created to support all CIF sanctioned teams and cheer at San Luis Obispo High School. Members include parents, guardians, grandparents, alumni, coaches, faculty, staff, school administrators, and community members. EIN# 45-4897120

What does SLOTAB do?

The primary goals of SLOTAB are to Raise funds through membership, special events, and activities to enhance and improve the athletic programs and facilities at San Luis Obispo High School. We also provide support in the advancement of student-athletes, gain overall support from the community, increase the number of participants in athletics, and promote school spirit. 



How is SLOTAB structured?

The SLOHS Tiger Athletic Booster Club is non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. EIN# 45-4897120

Where does the money go?

When donations and proceeds from memberships, sponsors, and fundraising events are collected, the SLOTAB board, in compliance with SLCUSD policy, appropriate funds directly to the SLOHS Athletic Department who then disperses funds in accordance to Title IX of the educational code. Our SLOTAB Treasurer presents a financial statement at each general meeting. Additionally, a minimum of twenty percent (20%) of money raised, less operating costs, each year by the club will be saved in a fund for capital improvement projects.



President- Jen Melton- slotabpres@gmail.com

Treasurer- Bryan Krill- slotabtreas@gmail.com

Secretary- Dan Howes- dhowesphd@gmail.com

Vice President- Membership- Dannene Ungeheur –slotabmembership@gmail.com

Business Sponsorship Development- Nicole Adler- nicoleekadler@gmail.com

Vice President Communications- Taryn Warrecker- twarrecker@gmail.com

Fall Fundraiser/Booster Bash- Heidi Gill- heidi@jhgillcompany.com

Spring Fundraiser- Mike Robinson- mike@mzrfitness.com

Apparel- Shanta Keeling – shantakeeling@yahoo.com

Concessions- Liz Moody, Tara Teitge, Lorraine Byde – Lizj@cannonassoc.com

Members at Large- Tanya Flushman, Gina Maire, Bernice Pierson